Cleigh Uriel




Having a girl as our first then a boy for our second child, anyone might think that any gender for baby #3 will be fine for us. But actually I really prayed a lot for a baby girl this time. Growing up with 3 sisters made me think that Cali my first born will be missing a lot if she will not have a sister of her own. While Dads of course hoped for another unico hijo.

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So what a joy for me when it was revealed in my 5th month scan that we are having a baby girl! yey another kikay buddy for me and Ate Cali. You might ask me if Marvs was too disappointed. Actually not him, it’s more of Curve. Someone even caught him telling to his schoolmate “oh Mommy will be having a baby girl, another one who will just play barbies and not cars”, with pouting lips. But after a couple of months he got used to the idea and even got excited that he will be a “kuya” to a baby girl soon!

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Naming baby C3 was been more difficult for us this time around compared to Cali and Curve’s time. It seems I ran out of idea. Or maybe just too busy about work that I don’t have much time to research and imagine names.

But during the process, we are sure of one thing, we wanted her to be named after me this time. and of course it should be C and U.

So we have decided to name her “Cleigh Uriel”. Cleigh comes from my nickname “Lei”, while Uriel is one of the archangels in Hebrew tradition. What I like with Uriel is that it also means “God is my light” whereby Cali, my first born’s 2nd name “Urice” also bears the same meaning.

And for her nickname, it will be “Crei”, from my full name “Revileah”.

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How I hope our Baby C3, Baby Crei will love all of her three names! 🙂

Curvin Ulix

When we were trying to have our baby #2, Marvs and I are really hoping for a baby boy. We even look at this Chinese calendar that claims they predict gender 99% accurate. (Yeah I know, I don’t believe on things like this either but hey it was true with me and my 4 siblings as well as my daughter and my 4 nephews! But yeah can’t rely on this really! Anyway, just for fun!)

But actually, to our dismay, for the year 2011 the only chance we can make a boy is on November or December. But that time was only April. So we just forget the calendar and tried to make one having in mind that we’ll just try a baby boy on the third time if we’ll have a girl again. No pressure.

On my 15th week of pregnancy, August 16, 2011, it was a surprise when the sonographer told us that it was 60% sure that we will be having a baby boy!

It was then confirmed in my detailed scan last September 26, my 20th week and was confirmed again on my 4D Scan last November 30, 2011 (our 4th year anniversary) it was indeed a baby boy!

So we started the exciting part of pregnancy, baby naming. In line with Ate Cali’s full name CAIPLEY URICE and its origin, baby#2’s name has to be:

  1. Unique
  2. Named after an important person to us
  3. Has meaning
  4. Has an initial of C.U.
  5. Nickname should start with letter “C”

Even before I got pregnant I’ve been thinking of naming my first baby boy after my dear hubby. So from Marvin, C will stands for CURVIN (pronounced as “Kervin”)

For the second name, we had a hard time picking because names starting with letter “U” are quite few. We first wanted to mix our father’s name but mixing two names and make it start with “U” is really difficult.

Then I thought of Ulei, well obviously I was trying to get it from my name but yeah I know it sounds awful. Haha! After that we started searching for names with meaning on the web and come up with ULIX (pronounced as “Yu-lix”)

Ulix was derived from Ulick, a Scandinavian name which means bright, rewarding mind.

And since Dads and I crossed our path because of Civil Engineering, we wanted to incorporate this as well in his name. So for nickname we will be calling him “Curve” the nearest word we can think of that’s in line with Engineering/Math.

So that’s it! Baby#2 is Curvin Ulix aka Baby Curve. 🙂

You may also read how we came up w/ Caipley Urice for Cali in this link:

Cali’s Birth Story

Like any other pregnant woman I know, I was also dreaming of a fast labor and a normal delivery. And I was very positive that I can make it easily just like my two other sisters. I can still picture in my head how surprised Dra. Sapaula (my gynaecologist) with my reply with her question.

Would you like painless?”

I bravely replied. “No doc, gusto ko with pain

Yeah. What a brave rat I was. But she just gave me a mischievous smile and said,

Ang liit liit mong babae ang tapang mo! Anyway we’ll see..


February 14, 2009 (Saturday)

Before I went to my checkup that day, Marvs and I are talking about giving birth on Heart’s Day. Marvs is not that keen on having a “valentina” baby, while I find it cute and sweet. But the sad thing was I was still not dilating that day. I told the gyne that Marvs will be having only a week of vacation for my delivery. And she said she will induce me to ensure that Marvs will be around when the baby pops out. Anyway it was already eight days prior to my edd (estimated due date), so we’re thinking this week might be the right time. So that marked the start of my 3-day intake of medicine for the induced labor.


February 16, 2009 (Monday)

I woke up at around 9am with my bottom part all wet and for an instant I thought I peed during sleep. And then, I saw the blood that I shed. I calmly wake hubby up and said,

Manganganak na yata ako?”

We went down, looking for my mom but I saw my aunt instead. She confirmed that I broke my water bag and asked me to take a quick bath. I obey but I made that “quick” bath into a “long” one with the thought of long days ahead of sweaty, stinky body.

As I get the two-week-long-packed bag, and handed it to Marvs, I got a chance to examine his face. Surprisingly, he was as calm as me, very far from my imagination of him. I thought we will be like those old movies, in panic and so clueless what to do next. Now as I look back, good thing we started as that calm and positive. We had a lot of energy to shell out as the journey of my long labor unfolds.

Marvs drove me to St. Lukes with my mom. We arrived at 10am and headed to the Delivery Section. They examined me, and send a sample of the water for testing to confirm if I indeed broke my water bag. They also examine my contractions, dilation and baby’s heartbeat.

I was only 2cm that time. And to make me dilate more, the gyne asked me to walk for 4 hours around the hospital starting 11am. I got to see the whole of St. Lukes including the nearby street with Marvs. I don’t like walking that much, I used to like it when I was in Japan (whereby you will be forced to like it). But that time is seriously not the right time to rekindle that liking for I was carrying a weight 14kg heavier than my usual weight. It was so tiring plus adds the fact that I have skinny legs to support me and my baby.

So around 3pm, as I was nearing to finish the mandatory 4hour walk, I felt a gush of water, it was like really peeing but quite unusual feeling. So we went back again for IE, and got informed that I was barely having any progress. I was just asked to rest for 1 hour, and then at 4pm started again an additional 2-hr walk with Marvs. After the marathon, they confirmed that I indeed broke my water bag. And having the circumstances that it’s dangerous for the baby to run out of water, they induce me further with oxytocin. I read a lot of it, but none of any books and articles about pregnancy and delivery made me armed and ready with the pain I felt the next couple of minutes.

And so I got confined after that.

As I was being led to the labor room a thought lingered in my mind. “Cali’s birthday would be February 16 or 17 the latest”


February 17, 2009 (Tuesday)

And so 16th passed. There I was, still pregnant, still overwhelmed with excitement of seeing my first born.

17th was still ok. I got to enjoy seeing a lot of nurses, residents, and co-patients. There were 8 beds in that room and I was able to see them filled, then emptied the whole day. I chatted with the people around, and got praises on how strong my tolerance to pain. Yeah. Actually I myself got so surprised that I can stand it. I hear a lot of them screaming, cursing, and even promising not to get pregnant again. And a LOT of them calling their moms! You might think that mine wasn’t that painful. Of course not! It was painful, it’s just that I try to use all the tips that I heard and read. Breathing techniques, staying calm, and of course praying! My sister told me that the dilation that I have that time should not cause that much pain yet. But with the induced labor, those contractions that I had were no joke. Well, the contraction monitor won’t lie. And I knew it. Pain is real.

So my 2nd day in the labor room passed. It wasn’t 17. We were really thinking that she’ll bear the same birthday as Daddy and Diko (Marvs’ dad and brother) but we’re wrong.

February 18, 2009 (Wednesday)

 The 3rd day was the worst of my entire labor. I was exhausted physically and emotionally. Pain was overflowing. I was murmuring endlessly of “Virgin Mary, Papa Jesus please help me”. I got sick of seeing the 8 beds changed their occupants on the past 3 days. Witnessing how pregnant woman came in the delivery rooms then came out with an empty tummy and a tiny baby. I met all the nurses, residents, doctors of all the three shifts of that ward. And there was this patient, who got so panicky that they even told her,

“Mommy, tignan mo yung mommy sa tabi mo (referring to me), third day nya ng nararamdaman yang pain mo, pero tahimik lang yan”.

And at first I was still laughing on how they teased me by saying,

“Mommy, andito ka pa din?!?”

“Ano mommy di mo pa ba lalabas yan?!?”

 But believe me, if you heard it in 3 consecutive days, there will be a point that you just want to cry. I even experienced being left by all the co-patients and being alone the whole night with only one nurse and the hunting pain.

Nanay even asked me after my lunch that day, “Mukhang inde ka na ok, malungkot ka na, kaya pa ba?”

I was on the edge of crying when I replied. Teary eyed I said, “Sobrang sakit lang Nay, tagal na eh…”. And the way she looked at me after hearing it made me feel like she wanted to get the pain and carry herself just to save me.

After that lunch was the worst of it all. Two times that Cali’s heartbeat (beats per minute) came overboard as the oxytocin and the other medicine for inducing labor, runs in my blood. I was being asked to lie sideways as it happens. They said it makes the baby breathe easier.

The beeping sound from the monitor every time this happens alarmed everyone, including me. I was even asking the doctor, “The baby’s heartbeat is not steady right?”. But she’s not replying. I insisted on asking, and so she gave in and said, “Oo mommy, pero calm down ha, ba’t ba kasi andami mong alam” If the circumstances are different I might be flattered knowing that all the researching really got into me. But her confirmation of my anxiety made me worried for Cali even more.

So after it happened I prayed, and then came with a decision. I asked the nurse for my gyne, then requested for a CS delivery. The gyne was surprised and said, “Oh diba matapang ka, ba’t natatakot ka na ba? Hirap ka na?”

Honestly I was really dead tired. But still wants to have a normal delivery but I’m thinking of the most important thing now, the baby. I know the consequences of CS. But I’m also aware of the overrating of her heartbeat and what it will possibly do to her.

Dra. Sapaula had the final word. She gave me and Cali a deadline. Until 10pm, if still no additional centimeters, it will be CS.

I have no idea that after that decision between me and the gyne, they informed my family outside to be prepared as I might be having that operation. Nanay having all her 5 deliveries normal plus two daughters with two normal deliveries each; had a hard time accepting it. Mommy (Marvs’ mom) who experienced CS herself three times, was all worried. They are saying, “Halos 4 days, ngayon pa ma si-CS?!?”

Marvs on the other hand is currently not in the hospital (they asked him to leave first because they think the baby doesn’t want to come out because she can feel the great wait).

But a miracle happened.

Just before 10pm, after countless IE’s, I dilated an additional of 1cm!

February 19, 2009 (Thursday)

And so I thought, I was safe from the threat of CS. I was wrong. From 7am to 10am of Thursday, I was stagnant in 9cm dilation. The doctor was telling me to be prepared for the CS operation if I will not dilate more until 12 noon. I wanted to cry. Frustration, physical pain and emotional stress are eating me. It was 4 long days of hard work and prayers. And I was thinking I am not giving up my dream of having Cali delivered normally. Not after what I’ve gone through. Not at that point in time.

That was the hardest, sincerest prayer I ever told. I was just murmuring His name countless times as I clutched my fingers on the side bars of my bed in pain. And I talked to Cali, I asked her to help Mommy. And I said, “I want to see you na baby please..”

And at 12 noon, with cheering medical staffs, I was rushed into the delivery room. I was given epidural because my strength could not handle the pain that I had since day 1 of labor. It was partial only so I still feel the pain of the push on top of my tummy and the coming out my little darling.

I cried when I saw her. The gyne even jokingly asked me, “Tears of joy ba yan or pain?!?”

I replied, “No doc, Joy po, Joy..” 😀

But you see I was lying. It was not just Joy. It was exhilarating happiness, triumph, and pride. I made it. Finally I was able to lay my eyes on my dear Cali, my little angel. Then I felt a tender kiss from Marvs who was holding my hand all the way of the delivery. And then saw him cut Cali’s cord. It was priceless.

Everything was so perfect.

It made me even more grateful of making it when I heard two stories (straight from the moms themselves) of same 4day-labor. Their babies didn’t make it. And they share the same pain and hardship that I’ve gone through.

God indeed had been so kind to Marvs and I. Heavens heard our prayers. He let us have her, he let us have Cali, our bundle of Joy. I wasn’t able to envision that the sense of fulfillment of motherhood will be this much. Now I’m loving my Nanay more than ever. In mind that she had gone five times of what I’ve gone through. Thank God for I have her. For now is the start of being like her, a Mom. 🙂

Caipley Urice

From the time we got married, everyone on both our families was hoping for a baby girl.  On my side, having three sisters and an unico hijo, you might think that my mom and dad would want a lot of grandsons.



But handling my four nephews was not an easy job for the whole family. JJ





So the task of giving an excuse for everybody to buy dolls and pink dainty stuff was given to Marvs and I. J



Marvs on the other hand came from a family with three boys.



So as expected Mommy had been dreaming for a little girl ever since. I can still remember Marvs’ stories on how they thought that my hubby would be finally the baby girl that they wanted. Anyway, with Marvs kind-looking face and soft features, he can pass for a quite pretty little girl…Sayang..hehehe…


During my third month of pregnancy, 13th week to be exact, my gynecologist told us already that “it seems” we’re having a girl. The findings were consistent a month after. Then during my 5th month, 21st week of pregnancy, I had my general scanning, and indeed it was confirmed! Pink stuffs are on their way!! J


We had been preparing names for both girl and boy ever since I got pregnant. But when we got it confirmed, I started to change my mind with the “agreed” name and wanted it to be more unique, richer in origin and deeper in meaning. I wanted it to be as special as possible.


At first we wanted to get the name from our moms. But days passed, and still we were not able to come up with anything pleasing to our ears. Baby-naming can be truly tedious at times..believe me!.


And then after a lot of scribbling and headaches, we realized that our baby would be carrying our dads’ surnames but not our moms’. 


So we started getting names from our mom’s surnames when they were still single and we’ve come up with CAIPLEY URICE. JJ


CAIPLEY: (pronounced as “Keypli”) is from “Capili”, my mom’s maiden name.





URICE: (pronounced as “Yuris”) came from “Mauricio”, his mom’s maiden name.




Urice is also a Hebrew name which means “God is my light”, and derived from the Biblical name “Uriah”.


For nickname, we would be calling her “Cali”. It was taken from “Catalina” my grandmom, who recently passed away.


Marvs and I really love the names and the sentiments that come with each of them. I hope Cali would be as happy and proud on bearing these names. And I’ll pray that she may not relinquish but instead have a strong grip of the good traits of the Three Great Women that she was named after.


Two Lines


Marvs had been very vocal since day 1 of our marriage that he wants a baby soon. He’s so fond of kids. Actually, this is one of those “rare” common passions that we share. But if I were to ask during our early stage, I would say “I’d love to, but I need to be ready…”


So in the first five months we used natural planning to control. Come the month of Fool’s day, April, the tension started. I can never forget how startled I was when Ann (Ge’s wife) asked if I’m not yet pregnant. She asked my last period. I was so clueless that time, so just imagine how shocked I was when she said..”Lei..inde kaya preggy ka?!?!?”


That’s it. I waited, and then after I missed my monthly visit, I grabbed that PT kit from Watson’s.


I can still remember when Ann told me. “Bili ka na kaya ng PT kit”. Whereby I replied in a very foolish way, “Ha? Ano? PT Kit? Ano yun?!?”. So for everyone, who’s as naïve as me. PT = “Pregnancy Test”. J


So one morning, I sneaked out of our room when marvs still sleeping. Yup! that’s what I planned, everything in secrecy first.


Walking to the rest room I feel my head’s so heavy. I’m so dizzy because of the sleepless nights that I had since I bought that “kit”. Questions were flooding on my mind. Am I ready to know?!? Should I have marvs beside me instead? What if it turned two lines?? How would I feel?!? Nakakaloka.. So I just prayed that time and  said “Please make me ready on what I’m about to see..”


With trembling hands I used that thin bar for testing..GOSH I can’t get samples! I was so nervous, my hands are shaking, my whole body’s chilling, and I can even feel the sweat on my temple!


Minutes after..I got the result and it was…NEGATIVE..



Teka..Negative?!? I looked at the box and instructions again..”Nagkamali ba ko?!?Eto na ba yun? Tama naman..One line means Negative..So inde ako buntis?!?“Tama tama..Inde nga ko buntis “, I was telling myself.


I know you’d ask, “Then how did you feel? Were you happy?!?”. The truth is…I don’t know. I just can remember that I feel so weak after. I felt the trembling pulled me down that I cannot think of anything…Stress left left me..Blank.


So that night, I cannot help it, I told Marvs, I even paused on the part “So I tested, and…”.


Marvs was like..”and…”, waiting excitedly.


“Negative”, I replied with a smile. Marvs frowned, then after it, I saw sadness and frustration. I pitied my husband. I even felt a little guilt that I delivered it in that manner. Kawawa naman ang asawa ko, my mind said.


A month after, which is May, I missed my period again. This time it was accompanied with all those pregnancy symptoms. Dizziness, vomiting, extreme fatigue..So I super feel that “This is it, Mukhang buntis nga ko”. You’re asking if this time I want it already? Honestly, I want it. I’d love to have a baby..BUT not so soon..not yet..not until I’m ready..


My plan was to test again alone. I even asked my bestfriend Arge to buy one for me when I can’t buy the PT without Marvs. But he’s now monitoring my period. And he knows that I missed it. Eagerly, he wants me to do the test, and this time WITH him.


We tested and…It was still negative. L  




I realized that time that it was even more painful for him seeing the one line with his two own eyes rather than hearing it from me. Haayy..Nakakasad makita sya ng in…


You might think that after that, the next time was the positive one? It was not 



We even bought other brand thinking that the one we bought before is of poor quality. But still..negative…This was the time that I must admit to say I feel so sad already. It’s as if I was even more frustrated than him. It was like Marvs hugging me so tight inside the bathroom to comfort me. He kissed me in the forehead and said “It’s ok, pag para satin na..dadating din yan..”


I didn’t realize it. Ready na pala ko. Yeah..I already want to have a little marvs or little lei..and I don’t want to wait anymore. I want to be a mom soon..


June came, a day before our flight to Manila for a two-week vacation, Marvs insisted that we take the test. Supposedly, I wanted to wait until our Malaysia trip to test because that time I want the result as more accurate as possible. But I gave in. Not just to his request, but to my excitement as well.


Before we went inside the bathroom, I was praying silently. “God, please, please give this one to us”.


Then after few minutes, I can’t believe what I saw, TWO LINES!



I was like, “Marvs nakikita mo ba yung two lines?!? My gosh!”, with my hand on my mouth. Marvs telling me, “Two lines? Teka..diba positive yun? Teka tingnan ko nga ulit yung box?” We are both trembling. I was on the edge of crying. Marvs raised his hand and moved in a way like dancing in joy. He’s telling me in countless times, “Yehey! magiging Daddy na ko…magiging Daddy na ko!!”. Ang saya saya ng mister ko. It was too early, but he’s already a Proud and Happy Dad.


Happiness. Just like the day of our wedding. Umaapaw.


When I was younger I never thought I could be this happy. It’s like we already have everything. And God indeed blessed us not with all that we want but  with ALL that we really need. Maybe not always on the time that we asked for it..But in the RIGHT TIME..


From that day on, everynight I include in my prayers all my friends who are like me..praying for a little angel..I am hoping they would be as joyous like us. I know He will answer soon, that’s why I never get tired of whispering to Him.


After that day we slept with BIG smiles on our lips. I was hugging my hubby thinking that few months after, I would be sleeping not just beside him but with a little baby in between. JJ


So the day after that, we flew to Manila bringing with us the greatest pasalubong ever..


Our dear baby-to-be J


Why did I consider blogging?!?

Just last week I asked Marvs, “Do you think I should start blogging? parang gusto ko kasi yun e.” And then he replied “Bakit naman inde…Maganda yun..sige gawa ka..”, then he smiled at me. Yun lang..Then in an instant I got inspired. As usual whenever I got that “moral support” from my hubby.


Even before, I love surfing other’s blogs, even those links that come from someone whom I never even met. I guess I just love reading other’s posts about their “feelings of the day” or what they had been into in the past weeks..and after lurking, I would make comments to some that fascinates me.


Then one day I started noticing that I’m already spending hours on mere reading..And I’m thinking..”Am I not wasting precious time on just peaking to others’ lives?!?” But then I realized, “teka nag-eenjoy naman ako ah“. Other blogs sometimes, if not most of the times make me more interested on aspects that make all of us more human. Which is the random array of feelings and thoughts comimg from deep within us. Bottom line is..sarap maka-relate on their posts. And as for friends..sarap maki-update on what’s new with everyone. Or feels good to be in-touched.


Naalala ko tuloy..blogging reminds me of..DIARIES..


Just before I had a boyfriend (which is Marvs and marvs alone) I used to love writing diaries. And until now Im still reading it..It brings back memories, “old” feelings na baduy man..nakakakilig pa din balik balikan 🙂 So now I’m hoping that my future kids will also be inspire and enjoy reading Mom and Dad’s Life Journal.


So from here..I’ll be starting our online chronicle of our Bucket of Life’s Surprises 🙂